Friday, October 22, 2010

The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry (Korean drama 2010)

This is the latest Korean drama that I watch regularly on television. But the thing that had caught my interest the most after the story are the clothes, especially the character played by Wang Bit Na, single in her over 30 age, fashionable, having a fun life and a shoulder to cry on for her friends.I really paid attention to her clothes and unique haircut.I will add some more photos if I can find more, although the copyright is not mine.the photos are not mine,I just want to share it here in my blog.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fashionable Women Tennis Clothes

I've just notice that the women tennis clothes is more fashionable than any other girl suit for sport.check these pics,the copyright is not mine but the owner of the photos.but do enjoy!


How boring isn't it? If some people do exactly what we do.And more over, I find it very annoying actually.I built this blog more than a year ago,but then recently I found one good friend of mine doing the same thing although not in the blog but in other happening social community site.

Well well, maybe some people just couldn't find any new idea until they came up with that,how low can they be.For now I might be bored with fashion thing but it doesn't mean I let something good slipped away from my eyes if it's fashionable and most of all, catches my eyes.

Anyway, I still put my attention to this though.Therefore, soon I will update this blog with more variable fashion things.Stay tune

Monday, October 11, 2010

The Company That I Used To Work: 21.Mad Rags Burgs Clothing UK

This was the 1st time that I worked for a company from Europe as rookie. It was a very rare chance for someone like me to find such opportunity. Luckily the owner, Burgs himself who trusted me to do the job although not for a very long time since the production moved to Hongkong back then. I can never be grateful enough for the chances, experiences and teachings from him. I would say he is one of the person who inspired me among all other people that I admired.Unfortunately, several years ago I still saw the official website for this brand but now I couldn't find it anywhere again. Hope to find another brand like this again in the future.

School Uniform's Blazer

I guess some people have seen these uniform in the television and movies but still its a good inspiration for private school who want to exclusively create their own uniform. 'Cause in my country most likely won't happen this way for the state public schools. the photos are not mine :)