Friday, April 24, 2009

A Word Became Reality

Part 1: A Word Became Reality.
  This stage of my life, actually I have never expected it before. Due to the fact that in the beginning, I dislike to draw clothes. I just love to draw cartoon, landscapes that described my heart's mood, and I was really enjoying myself in expressing it into a picture in a paper.
  But then again, only God knows and through His power, my life has changed 180 degree in a few years later, and turned into doing something that I dislike, which is designing clothes.
  I have always proud of myself too much so that it was kind of a humiliation for me to take other people's opinion. Let's say I was a proud person back then. However, in the end, I have to eat my own word after this.
About 2 years ago, a girl named Anita, a friend I knew in the mosque,saw me drawing something. That time I drew a male face and a view. She then asked me to lend her my drawing so that she could take a good look at the, I gave it to her.
'Maybe it would be better for you, if you registered yourself into a fashion school to be a student after finishing your high school, so you can be a fashion designer,especially for Muslim clothes, 'cause it's still rare among us to have a Muslim fashion designer'. Those were the words I heard from her, maybe not exactly like that but the point was the same, since I hardly remember it now.

I was giving her (again) a selfish but honest answer that I did not want to follow her suggestion cause I did not have any slightest interest in fashion design. It seemed that karma fell upon me, 'cause in the end, I finally did as she said, although it was not my true will to study fashion design but more to fulfilling my mom's wish since I failed entering art faculty in one famous state university in my town. Just for one year, I have to bear with all of this fashion things and deal with my own dislike about it.(note of 28th august 1997) 

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