Sunday, December 10, 2017

Suicide: Lose Yourself or Survive the Life & 'Me Before You'

*Picture: Random drawing of Chester by me 

Lately I've been flooded by some unfortunate and horrible news for the past several months related to suicide more than any other daily news on websites every time I  try to read something in the morning.

Life is a gift and chances but wasted just like that.

The most shocking one was the death of Chester, Linkin Park's vocalist. He ended his life without showing any symptoms of depression that would lead him to do it. I mostly like Linkin Park songs in their earlier albums. The rock, rap and music came in such harmony and sometimes helped me through some shitty days back then. It's a pity for him to leave this way. He could've done more, create more and survive this life.

Other than him, there were some people who have chosen to end their lives with different reasons. They had given up the life in hope that it will ease and solve all the problems and pains they've left behind. Perhaps, by then, they thought they've lost all the attachments to this world as well as escape from everything that bind them and made them suffer the most in order to find an eternal peace. However, I think they were wrong. Instead, they've left more pains and in return did not even get what they've expected in the end.

Reasons, or some of them were sounded more like excuses to me, to come up to such horrid decisions were somehow too illogical to accept. It was either from broken heart out of love, had trouble with heavy unpaid debt, felt super desperate for unhealed sickness, disappointed towards some people, felt lonely as if no more reason to keep on living or anything else that probably still possible to over come if they were staying alive. I believe as long as we have the will, nothing is too much to handle. If in the end we still have to lose, at least we've tried the best to be responsible to our own selves. Most of all, leaving in such a way, would leave a scar and trauma for those who were left behind, especially the loved ones. It was pretty selfish to decide for something which is not yours to decide to begin with, without thinking the impacts for others. 

Frankly, Romeo and Juliet had never been a good example for life motivation. Love, no matter how beautiful, pure or romantic it might be, still needed some sacrifices and some bills to paid these days. If we were simply blinded by it and losing control of seeing all the bright sides then it wasn't worth it at all. If it ruins you, it is not good for you. As for money, it is indeed a very powerful devil who can destroy anyone who foolishly worship it without any healthy sense. It has the power to control anyone who misuse and greedy over it. Debt will not be such a burden if we choose not to take in the first place. we can do it by accepting what we have and being thankful for it. If it is already caught you, be sure to surrender yourself  and accept it but at the same time try to solve it with every possible way. Everything that happened in our life are partly or mostly because of our own decisions anyway. Destiny can be changed as God has promised it would be. Meanwhile, sickness is something unexpected and we have no choice but to deal with. Trying to survive is the best thing no matter unpredictable the result will be. The last thing is, no one is unimportant. Everyone has specific purpose in this life either way. 
Suicide is never a good choice. Get up, get some help if you need one but keep on living. Try to think further ahead for everything, take a deep breath and love and believe in yourself. Religion is also one good choice to see in other perspective of life and keep yourself a faith to stay strong.     

P.S : A short review about 'Me before You' Film (*contains spoiler)
I've finished watching this film just 2 days ago. I was fascinated with Lou's characters and her unique outfits in the entire movie but I wasn't pleased with the ending. Not because it was a sad ending, but I dislike the fact that Treynor, Lou's love interest, gave up his life ('suicide' by euthanasia) while he still has a chance to live, he had some people who loved him and cared for him so much. He was such a loser in my opinion not to be brave enough to keep on living no matter how hard it seemed for him (which I didn't think so, regarding all the wealth and facilities he had). If it was because of the severe illness or accident, I would have more respect for this film but no, unfortunately I don't.

I've read in some articles that this film has gained some criticism from people with disabilities including some famous figures, concerning the death choice as if it was indirectly encouraging the audiences how useless disabilities are. I can't agree more especially when in the end, he left a letter to motivate Lou to struggle and try to reach her dreams while she can after his death. It was just a complete opposite of encouragement and deed.

It was quite good for those who is suck about romance but not good enough for me with that 'flaw ending' I mentioned before. I didn't intend to disregard the writer (I know this was based on a novel), I simply want to utter my personal opinion about it and since it is related with suicide article I've written above. 

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