Sunday, December 18, 2016

Legend of The Blue Sea – Second Love – Sleepless in Seattle: Autum/Winter Coats

For some times, I’ve been watching new hyped Korean drama ‘Legend of the Blue Sea’ (LoTBS) and re-watching 2015 Japanese Drama ‘second Love’(SL) and 1993 Romantic movie ‘Sleepless in Seattle’(SiS) in a row. All three of them offered different kind of themes in the story lines, from mystical mermaid (LoTBS) to hot love story between teacher and dancer (SL) and also romantic soulmates from 2 different cities (SiS). Despite various cultural backgrounds which influenced each of them, I still feel entertained and couldn’t help but notice one similar thing: cold weather+season and coats. Actually I’m not going to discuss about the story but only the thing related to fashion.

Firstly, in LoTBS, Jun Ji hyun/Gianna Jun who plays mermaid Sae Hwa /Sim Chung, wore a lot of exclusive-designer-branded coats and blazer in bright, colorful and elegant up to date fashion socialite styles. Korean drama has this vibe of romance mixed in great backdrops and colorful tones, as if it want to shows how beautiful the world and life is no matter how hard it is. It always stores a Cinderella and fairy tale's spell, where life will magically fixed itself for good people.

As for SL, Japanese styles of to-the-point, sometimes-lack-of-emotions, complicated and the-will-to-always-achieve-better-in-life are always present in the story as any other Jdrama I’ve watched before no matter what the genre was. The coats that worn by Kyoko Fukada as Yui Nishihara, a high school teacher, mostly came in gentle colors as cream, medium grey and pink with simpler regular styles. All of them matched with the bags and scarfs.

The last one, SiS, is a usual American optimistic happy ending romantic movie with iconic actress Meg Ryan as Annie Reed, a journalist who fell in love to an unknown widower in another city. She wore fashionable 80s coats with bigger size looks and soft colors. It somehow relatable with current fashion styles.    

In brief, the stories were quite nice (although for LotBS is still ongoing process) with some moral values and entertainment but the styles are more interesting for me to keep in mind and also references for making my next personal collections of coats.
The photos are not mine but belong to the respective owners of each drama/movie.