Monday, July 18, 2016

Candle and Hoe of Shattered Hopes

I suddenly have this urge to draw and write about another horrible cases that happened a few months ago and became one of the biggest concern for the government and overall, whole country.

Candle for Yuyun.
It was the darkest violent night for Yuyun, as she crossed an empty street in woods somewhere in Sumatra. This teenage girl was murdered after being assaulted and sexually abused by some drunkards.

An innocent 14 years old girl who was on her way back home from pretty far school's distance but caught by misfortune until all of her dreams faded away as she lost her life. It sparked a lot of protests from people by lighting candles on her behalf. The 14 assailants  were caught and being put in jail before facing the trial and waiting for their sentences.

A girl and a hoe.
This was much more inhuman than Yuyun's case. A young worker girl had been tortured to death using a hoe after being raped by three men who had grudge against her in love affair and words. The shocking thing was one of the suspect is really young and still study at junior high school. The case has been on trial process to determine the punishment. In the end, her dream to support her family by working was not last too long due to the crime.

These kind of case keep on happening lately and some people just lost their humanity and succumbed to their evil sides. They did the unthinkable deed to other people as if they are not human with brain and heart. Dark, gloomy and worst than animal. Another lesson learned for us who still have a sense and feeling to avoid it.

The drawing merely a doodle of my thought on the victims. May they rest in peace.  

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