Sunday, December 18, 2016

Legend of The Blue Sea – Second Love – Sleepless in Seattle: Autum/Winter Coats

For some times, I’ve been watching new hyped Korean drama ‘Legend of the Blue Sea’ (LoTBS) and re-watching 2015 Japanese Drama ‘second Love’(SL) and 1993 Romantic movie ‘Sleepless in Seattle’(SiS) in a row. All three of them offered different kind of themes in the story lines, from mystical mermaid (LoTBS) to hot love story between teacher and dancer (SL) and also romantic soulmates from 2 different cities (SiS). Despite various cultural backgrounds which influenced each of them, I still feel entertained and couldn’t help but notice one similar thing: cold weather+season and coats. Actually I’m not going to discuss about the story but only the thing related to fashion.

Firstly, in LoTBS, Jun Ji hyun/Gianna Jun who plays mermaid Sae Hwa /Sim Chung, wore a lot of exclusive-designer-branded coats and blazer in bright, colorful and elegant up to date fashion socialite styles. Korean drama has this vibe of romance mixed in great backdrops and colorful tones, as if it want to shows how beautiful the world and life is no matter how hard it is. It always stores a Cinderella and fairy tale's spell, where life will magically fixed itself for good people.

As for SL, Japanese styles of to-the-point, sometimes-lack-of-emotions, complicated and the-will-to-always-achieve-better-in-life are always present in the story as any other Jdrama I’ve watched before no matter what the genre was. The coats that worn by Kyoko Fukada as Yui Nishihara, a high school teacher, mostly came in gentle colors as cream, medium grey and pink with simpler regular styles. All of them matched with the bags and scarfs.

The last one, SiS, is a usual American optimistic happy ending romantic movie with iconic actress Meg Ryan as Annie Reed, a journalist who fell in love to an unknown widower in another city. She wore fashionable 80s coats with bigger size looks and soft colors. It somehow relatable with current fashion styles.    

In brief, the stories were quite nice (although for LotBS is still ongoing process) with some moral values and entertainment but the styles are more interesting for me to keep in mind and also references for making my next personal collections of coats.
The photos are not mine but belong to the respective owners of each drama/movie.     

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

T-shirt design for support people with disabilities

Everyone deserves to have the best in their life no matter what might get in the way. Disability is not an excuse. This is for t-shirt print design to promote the support for people with disabilities. It is for sale. For contact email: or, check out my instagram account also: @noodlemie

Friday, September 2, 2016

Spoof Themed T-shirt designs of Famous US Sport clubs

These were my designs for spoof theme t-shirt of famous sport clubs. The original logos and all that related to them are belong to the respective owners.
Feel free to contact me for any design service through my emails:
or DM on my instagram @noodlemie.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Candle and Hoe of Shattered Hopes

I suddenly have this urge to draw and write about another horrible cases that happened a few months ago and became one of the biggest concern for the government and overall, whole country.

Candle for Yuyun.
It was the darkest violent night for Yuyun, as she crossed an empty street in woods somewhere in Sumatra. This teenage girl was murdered after being assaulted and sexually abused by some drunkards.

An innocent 14 years old girl who was on her way back home from pretty far school's distance but caught by misfortune until all of her dreams faded away as she lost her life. It sparked a lot of protests from people by lighting candles on her behalf. The 14 assailants  were caught and being put in jail before facing the trial and waiting for their sentences.

A girl and a hoe.
This was much more inhuman than Yuyun's case. A young worker girl had been tortured to death using a hoe after being raped by three men who had grudge against her in love affair and words. The shocking thing was one of the suspect is really young and still study at junior high school. The case has been on trial process to determine the punishment. In the end, her dream to support her family by working was not last too long due to the crime.

These kind of case keep on happening lately and some people just lost their humanity and succumbed to their evil sides. They did the unthinkable deed to other people as if they are not human with brain and heart. Dark, gloomy and worst than animal. Another lesson learned for us who still have a sense and feeling to avoid it.

The drawing merely a doodle of my thought on the victims. May they rest in peace.  

Friday, July 15, 2016

T-shirt: Zombies Panda Penguin Theme

This is Zombies Panda Penguin Themed T-shirt. It's available for purchase. Click to enlarge view. Feel free to contact me through e-mail: or DM me through my Instagram @noodlemie.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

H.P.Lovecraft Commemorative T-Shirt

This is an illustration for H.P. Lovecraft commemorative t-shirt design. It is available for sale. Feel free to contact us through emails : or or DM through my instagram @noodlemie.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Mixed Designs for Sale

These designs are for sale with requested adjustments as you wish for only @$50 with necessary files.
Feel free to contact me through e-mail or DM me through my instagram @noodlemie. You can find more portfolios too.

Song Hye Kyo in Descendants of the sun (2016): Dr. Kang Mo yeon's Casual Clothes

This drama was indeed phenomenal and has brought the 2nd Halyu (Korean) Wave to all over Asia. I was one of the affected audience and become one of the fangirl and Kikyo/ Songsong couple shipper even after the drama ended.

The story line was a bit unusual for typical Korean drama that I used to watch all this time, especially in picking the theme and mixing the genres. Although it may not be the best in plot arrangements but the characters were strong and great to stick longer in my head as viewer.

Descendants of the Sun (DOTS) aired between February 24 until April 14, 2016 with 16 episodes and 3 special episodes about highlights and behind the scenes.

Now, the main point of this article will not be related to the story but the clothes wore by the main character, Dr. Kang Mo Yeon played the famous and my most favorite Korean actress, Song Hye Kyo.   

(The male main protagonist, Capt Yoo Si Jin was mostly wore army uniform so I'll skip his part.)
She wore very tender-colored and casual clothes ranging from long sleeve shirt, checkers, short skirts, short pants, sweater, t-shirts, dress and long pants. Not to mention the bags, I like most of it for its flexibility to carry her things as a doctor in hot weather place.
Her shoes also are listed to be either a comfy sport shoes for field work and surgery room and formal high heels as hospital representatives or every time she went out to dine.
All are look simple, comfortable and yet elegant and fashionable in every situation.
Here are some of the photos of her with some of her clothes and accessories. If you are interested to find some more references of this, please just do watch the drama. It is recommended.

One last thing, don't forget to check out the beauty of Navagio Beach in Greece as part of the set of drama's background. Hopefully one day there will be a chance to see it myself.
 Photos are belong to the rightful owners that I quote from Google, not mine.  

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Complexity of a mind

I sketched this picture roughly a couple of months ago on a used paper when I was extremely bored in a place full of people, and yet I felt somehow alone and uncomfortable. Today when my mood has gone bad because of a personal matter, I put colors on it just to escape from that terrible feeling. Drawing somehow always helped me in such situation, although it means only a temporary but perfect gateway.

As an introvert, my mind constantly stores these various thoughts about things that I will do about my life which I think all human being would have it in their minds in a similar way. It has always been busy with many things to think about. I've been doing it merely and mostly for self contemplation and try to come up with a way to fix whatever it is that needed to be fixed. Let alone those people who mind themselves by unnecessary interfering my personal matter.Those words in the drawing above are the things that appear regularly in my thinking time and also what people mostly think as measurement for someone's life level. 

To be more exact of the way I'd like to see it is; (1)Ideas and skills are beneficial for earning something for a decent living and survive in the society I live in. (2)Logic is needed when I deal with any troubles that come along the way. (3)Patience is when I missed what I've expected in the result of everything or waiting long enough before getting the things I want. (4)Expectation is my final hope of hopefully it will be as I wish it to be.(5)Challenge is puzzle to be solved. (6)Mood is my loyal shape-shifted companion that can change anytime but become my biggest influence and annoyance. (7)Dreams are untold wishes and goals of life to pursue. And the last but not least, (8) Achievement, is how far I've walked on this shaky earth among other living beings.

It can be the opposite for other who love to stay in the 'comfort zone' though, as I've witnessed some of them who do. As (1)Ideas and skills are for something that rather difficult to attain or a hassle to do in search for improvement and better off steal from others when possible. (2) Logic works for profit or benefit only without a common sense. (3) Patience is something only a fool would do. (4)Expectation is always as high as possible . (5) challenge is a time waster. (6)Mood is unavoidable and only natural and nothing to worry about. (7)Dreams, achieve it as quick as possible with every mean necessary or only treat it as hoax in life. (8)Achievement is not important without acknowledgement from people. Hey life is not always easy.

Writing something unnecessary again. It feels like I'm writing my research report proposal all over again. 


Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Skull T-shirt: A beast, An angel and A madman

This design was  for one theme about human character. It is available for purchase for $75 in design with all format required. Feel free to contact me through e-mail: or BBM messenger: D00E1F52.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

My Instagram Insights (collection of pictures)

These are my collections on Instagram so far. Feel free to check on it on @noodlemie. There are still more to share later on. :)

I may not always share the design but also my thought or opinion about something. Click on the pic to enlarge. All picture for designs are mostly available here.

My contacts are listed here, from e-mail : or, Instagram @noodlemie or Facebook page Meenoes co by Noodlemie.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

MMA Rash Guard Shirt Design

This is my design for mix martial art rash guard shirt proposal of one company. The logo is not mine but the pattern and design are. The basic idea is to combined between Japanese ocean curls  pattern with the lines that would blend into the logo appropriately. The basic design is available to be purchased without the logo and can be adjusted accordingly.
Feel free to contact me through e-mail: or for question or order. No use or copy of this design in any form are allowed.
Instagram: Noodlemie, for more of my works and fun.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Animal/environmental themed t-shirt: Indri indri

This t-shirt design proposal was meant for a group of people who join for animal and environmental cause in Madagascar last year.
 If you.'re interested in purchasing this design or ordering similar type of design, feel. free to contact me through e-mail: or Any use/copy of this design is not allowed.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

VW Themed T-shirt

This is my t-shirt design for VW fan/lover/enthusiast. The design is for sale with price $75. 

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