Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Unique Animal Patterns for Pillow case.

These are my designs for animal illustration for patterns to be printed on a couch pillow case. It can be done in many varieties of animal according to the request. The price is $85/design for single color and will be added based on the additional color. Feel free to contact me through e-mail: or I'll respond as soon as possible.  

Friday, November 6, 2015

The Poor Little Girl in the Box

A few weeks ago, another pitiful crime occurred in one street of Jakarta. A little girl who was an elementary student has been brutally murdered and found in one box where her hands were tied and the clothes improperly disheveled. She was tortured, raped and sodomized by her ruthless killer and in the beginning; it was really difficult for the police to solve this case.
Fortunately, the murderer was caught after several tests and investigations also guided from smart police’s dogs who can track the traces during that time.

He was recognized as thirty-something pedophile recidivist of drugs criminal case and had been in prison for sometimes. He opened one small shop near the street where he threw the box which contained the victim's body. His place used to be a place where some of the children of her age and teenagers often hung around. The police made him the primary suspect after the lab result of the sperms left in her body and DNA report from the forensic department. That time actually, he was accused for another case when he was held in the police station. He was being reported as an assault and rapist for a 15 years old girl who lives in the same neighborhood.

After more than 2 weeks of thorough investigation, the police were able to finish this case with many unbelievable facts surrounding the murder. Firstly, the girl (victim) came from a broken home family with divorced parents. She lived with her father while her mother lives somewhere else, in a very small crowded house with nearly 11 members together with her uncles, aunts, and other relatives. She often played in her murderer’s shop along other children without realizing his evil character. She was known as a good student and a friend for her teacher and classmates at school. She was claimed missing one day on her way home after school before being found dead in the box with pitiful condition. Meanwhile, the killer, after several interrogations, admitted of killing her. He tried to eliminate all the evidences by burning them but eventually couldn’t get away from the police after the lab result came out. He also did a lot more crimes to several other children although not to the point of killing them. He conducted sexual abuse and harassment then threatened them to shut their mouths if they want to be safe. He was under drugs’ influence when he committed the rape and murder. In brief, it was really horrible to even just to imagine how it was happened.

This is a second sad picture of the broken children’s rights for a good, healthy and safe/secured living environment after Engeline’s case. Yes, in the end the criminal suspect is caught, but is it enough? I guess not. The representative of children protection commission also stated that this sort of case is only a small part of a huge iceberg. The law is not strong and powerful enough to protect and prevent for the same case from happening again in the future or to make the criminal terrified to repeat their crimes. The world is indeed getting crazier and terrifying despite a double-edged advanced technology, social media and way of life. The only way to do it is by protecting our children ourselves, not to easily believe even closer people or relatives who live among us. Since it is rarely came from strangers. We just need to be wise enough to see and act towards what is really happening to the children and around our neighborhood.

(I'm really concerned about this case and inspired me to draw and write about it on a whim. The story itself is not related to the fashion or graphic, but only the illustration, the same as Engeline's article before)