Saturday, October 31, 2015

Paradise Kiss - a Japanese Movie (2011)

I've been enjoying myself for the past few days lately procrastinating and watched several movies through my cellphone. This was one of the movie among all of them which eventually caught my eyes because it is related to my work field once, fashion. The story itself based on one manga with the same name, which honestly I've never heard or read before. However, I have to admit that the movie is interesting although a little cliche and predictable in some parts, I still be able to enjoy it 'til the end. I love the interior background of the fashion studio where most of the scenes are taken and not to mention, the wardrobe costumes.

Paradise kiss revolved around one girl, Hayasaka Yukari, an ordinary high school girl who has to put up with her studying in one famous school just to make her mother proud of her and didn't leave the same bitter feeling in her heart as when she was a child when she once failed at her study. She has a crush on the most favorite handsome guy in her school for 3 years without being reciprocated. Until one day a group of people forced her to come to their place, an underground fashion studio and asked her to become their model for their last assignment from their unique fashion school. She then, changed her mind in seeing everything and found her own goal (and love) out of her boring life. I like some of the clothes, but love the studio where they worked the most. I imagine myself having something similar on my own in the near future. Hopefully soon enough.

Here are some pictures to show what I mean. Enjoy! none of them are mine though :)

Friday, October 30, 2015

Tuba Buyukustun and Engin Akyurek in Kara Para Ask

I fell in love the moment I started to watch and follow this Turkish drama series in one local television. Great plot, characters, acting and the most important thing is the fashion. It includes the clothes, bags, accessories ( necklace, head bandanna, hat, bracelet, etc) and shoes that really caught my eyes to see and got inspired.

The TV show in my eyes is like a parade of a fashion show's catwalk. Almost all of the female characters, except the grandmas and children, are fashionable. Most of all is Elif Denizer played by Tuba Buyukustun. I like her character, the way she dressed and overall her appearance, hence she worked as accessories designer who studied in Rome, Italy in the story. Her hair do, the styles, mix and match of each clothes for each occassion,  I really admire and praise the custom designer of this drama. I especially love all of her jackets and boots. I  guess I'm just running out of words of how I should describe everything. Nonetheless, the same goes with Omer Demir played by Engin Akyurek. His clothes matched perfectly with her in every scene, although for him might looked a bit simpler regarding the role as the police detective. I've gathered some of the pictures from the net which obviously are not mine but only shared it as the examples. Enjoy!

A little spoiler on the story: It was a 50 episode crime thriller Turkish drama which revolved around murders,revenge, greed, smuggling, betrayal and love story wrapped in complicated but interesting way at the same time. 

(Photos/pictures are not mine and only taken from Google. Click the pic to enlarge)