Monday, August 31, 2015


This is my first collage video for my t-shirt designs with different themes on YouTube. Feel free to drop any comment.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Skeleton Themed Big Motor Biker T-shirt Design

This is my design for biker t shirt. The idea was for a black humor theme t shirt related to biker, and skeleton as the symbol of forever biker that even death is not a threat.It came with a slogan ' Death is my biggest joke'. Do not copy/use in any form because it is mine.
The design is for sale with the price; 100 USD. File in PSD, PNG,JPG, GIF with 300dpi. Feel free to contact me if you're interested in similar type of illustration here: or  I'll respond quite fast to any order or question.

Hand Bag Proposal for One South Korean Convention

This was my idea for hand bag design proposal of one South Korean convention contest. I managed to become one of the finalists and got some positive feedback. In the end, winning would be just luck and taste from the contest holder since beside myself, the other competitors also brought their best and unique ideas. 

I was proud to participate and learn some new things and challenged myself for it. 
The design/illustration are mine except the logo which belong to them. Do not use in any form. If you are interested in the illustration with few adjustments or even a new one, feel free to contact me through e-mail.