Friday, July 10, 2015

Engeline(or Angeline), The Torn Little Angel

It is truly sad to learn how this innocent little child's life is taken from her just like that. She, who was 'abandoned and sold' cheaply by her incapable poor parent, who couldn't afford to pay for her birth fee to the hospital, to relatively strangers whose in the end being suspected as the primary cause of her death.

  At first, the story was revolved around her being a missing child for a month and a half in a well made poster spread all over the net and street in Bali which gained huge sympathy from many people all over the country and even abroad. People were really trying to help by spreading the news and donated some money to the website where her foster sister in the U.S opened the fund link to help her plane fee to return to Indonesia to aid her mom with the search. Her foster mom however, strangely shut and forbid people from entering her residence (even two ministers of the country are rejected) and did not bother to report it to the police like a panicked parent should've acted. She also put a restricted 'line' not to be crossed by an outsider in private matter excuses. Then, the truth about her life slowly began to be revealed and come up in the surface.   

  Lived a tormented life, tortured and forced to do things that beyond a little girl could've done, she did it until the end as a good and obedient child to her foster mother. Her real parent was regretting their decision after the tragic moment happened to their daughter. They said if only they knew they will not give her and tried their best to raise and take care of her. What an old day's sad and sickening excuse. They should've tried first in doing that instead of giving her away just for some mere amount of money. They should've cherished her, and then perhaps she might still be alive.
  The way she was found, buried and being murdered were inhuman. She was treated as if an unworthy animal by the murderers whoever they are. She was only an eight years old girl who didn't have the chance to continue her dreams, her wishes for the bright future as other children. What she can do with those little hands and short legs to even fight for her life. The world is indeed scary and cruel; some of the civilized and adult people are by far even worst. She might finally find her moment of peace there in heaven now and no longer related to this filthy society, but hopefully her justice won't be abandoned and forgotten. The news about her is still bursting like fireworks in the New Year’s Eve up until now and some people relentlessly made their flashy appearances out of nowhere just to gain some popularity from the case. No matter how perfect and carefully planned the crime is, the stinky smell of it will leak sooner or later. Karma will never knock the wrong door where every deed has its consequence. 

Moral value: To those who have children, hopefully this became a lesson learned and start to cherish, appreciate, be grateful and protect them more carefully from this day on. 
( I draw it during my break from work and learning how to write more which I rarely done lately.)

Ayu Gani, Asia's Next Top Model Winner from Indonesia

When I read the news about her winning the contest from some local websites, I noticed that at the same time the controversy was also added up, because of those who think that she didn't deserve it. Mostly were coming from her rival's diehard supporters who dislike and dissatisfied with the result and put so many harsh words on the net.

There will always be pros and cons in everything, since nothing can truly satisfy all people anyway. However, what's meant to be, it will eventually happen no matter how hard you deny or dislike it. I think the title of the contest itself already explained what they were looking for, someone who can represent the face of Asia with her unique and distinctive qualities. Let alone those underachieved standard measurements of a perfect model should be.
I also read about her days of struggle in the camp along with other competitive contestants. I can imagine that it was not something easy at all, since I also had many experiences competing in several design contests, and it was damn hard. Therefore, it sure is tough to stay cool headed when people think that you're not worth it when you actually are. The judges are compatible and experienced people in their fields and understood what they have to do. The decision has been made, she won it with hard work and as for the other finalists; they are also winners. The true battle is in the real life, how she and the others are going to manage and maintain their careers and achievements. I'm proud of her of being able to bring pride to her country and her supporters.

We can voice out our supports, comments and critics on the net but don't forget that we are human with heart and mind inside, civilized people who can write and arrange better words and keep good manner as it should be.  

Photo belongs to @Bazaar Singapore.
If I can find more reference or link to her photos in great clothes, I might add it later.