Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Alan Turing T-shirt - Father of Computer Science

This t-shirt design I made was once for Alan Turing tribute t-shirt contest. Then, I was reminded of it again after watching Imitation Game film which happened to be about his life and his achievement in breaking enigma code in WWII also the beginning of computer science finding.I just love the film despite the tragic ending and having learned that great people were not always appreciated the way they've should been, no matter how genius and talented they were.

As for the design, I took an idea out of mixing the things that related to him in pop art - like style. It is for sale as a design file and will be available in PSD/Ai/EPS. Feel free to contact me for further information through e-mail here: 3fivefour@gmail.com or meenoestigma@gmail.com. I'll be in touch ASAP. Any use of this design in any formats is strictly not allowed.