Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Unique Animal Patterns for Pillow case.

These are my designs for animal illustration for patterns to be printed on a couch pillow case. It can be done in many varieties of animal according to the request. The price is $85/design for single color and will be added based on the additional color. Feel free to contact me through e-mail: or I'll respond as soon as possible.  

Friday, November 6, 2015

The Poor Little Girl in the Box

A few weeks ago, another pitiful crime occurred in one street of Jakarta. A little girl who was an elementary student has been brutally murdered and found in one box where her hands were tied and the clothes improperly disheveled. She was tortured, raped and sodomized by her ruthless killer and in the beginning; it was really difficult for the police to solve this case.
Fortunately, the murderer was caught after several tests and investigations also guided from smart police’s dogs who can track the traces during that time.

He was recognized as thirty-something pedophile recidivist of drugs criminal case and had been in prison for sometimes. He opened one small shop near the street where he threw the box which contained the victim's body. His place used to be a place where some of the children of her age and teenagers often hung around. The police made him the primary suspect after the lab result of the sperms left in her body and DNA report from the forensic department. That time actually, he was accused for another case when he was held in the police station. He was being reported as an assault and rapist for a 15 years old girl who lives in the same neighborhood.

After more than 2 weeks of thorough investigation, the police were able to finish this case with many unbelievable facts surrounding the murder. Firstly, the girl (victim) came from a broken home family with divorced parents. She lived with her father while her mother lives somewhere else, in a very small crowded house with nearly 11 members together with her uncles, aunts, and other relatives. She often played in her murderer’s shop along other children without realizing his evil character. She was known as a good student and a friend for her teacher and classmates at school. She was claimed missing one day on her way home after school before being found dead in the box with pitiful condition. Meanwhile, the killer, after several interrogations, admitted of killing her. He tried to eliminate all the evidences by burning them but eventually couldn’t get away from the police after the lab result came out. He also did a lot more crimes to several other children although not to the point of killing them. He conducted sexual abuse and harassment then threatened them to shut their mouths if they want to be safe. He was under drugs’ influence when he committed the rape and murder. In brief, it was really horrible to even just to imagine how it was happened.

This is a second sad picture of the broken children’s rights for a good, healthy and safe/secured living environment after Engeline’s case. Yes, in the end the criminal suspect is caught, but is it enough? I guess not. The representative of children protection commission also stated that this sort of case is only a small part of a huge iceberg. The law is not strong and powerful enough to protect and prevent for the same case from happening again in the future or to make the criminal terrified to repeat their crimes. The world is indeed getting crazier and terrifying despite a double-edged advanced technology, social media and way of life. The only way to do it is by protecting our children ourselves, not to easily believe even closer people or relatives who live among us. Since it is rarely came from strangers. We just need to be wise enough to see and act towards what is really happening to the children and around our neighborhood.

(I'm really concerned about this case and inspired me to draw and write about it on a whim. The story itself is not related to the fashion or graphic, but only the illustration, the same as Engeline's article before)

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Paradise Kiss - a Japanese Movie (2011)

I've been enjoying myself for the past few days lately procrastinating and watched several movies through my cellphone. This was one of the movie among all of them which eventually caught my eyes because it is related to my work field once, fashion. The story itself based on one manga with the same name, which honestly I've never heard or read before. However, I have to admit that the movie is interesting although a little cliche and predictable in some parts, I still be able to enjoy it 'til the end. I love the interior background of the fashion studio where most of the scenes are taken and not to mention, the wardrobe costumes.

Paradise kiss revolved around one girl, Hayasaka Yukari, an ordinary high school girl who has to put up with her studying in one famous school just to make her mother proud of her and didn't leave the same bitter feeling in her heart as when she was a child when she once failed at her study. She has a crush on the most favorite handsome guy in her school for 3 years without being reciprocated. Until one day a group of people forced her to come to their place, an underground fashion studio and asked her to become their model for their last assignment from their unique fashion school. She then, changed her mind in seeing everything and found her own goal (and love) out of her boring life. I like some of the clothes, but love the studio where they worked the most. I imagine myself having something similar on my own in the near future. Hopefully soon enough.

Here are some pictures to show what I mean. Enjoy! none of them are mine though :)

Friday, October 30, 2015

Tuba Buyukustun and Engin Akyurek in Kara Para Ask

I fell in love the moment I started to watch and follow this Turkish drama series in one local television. Great plot, characters, acting and the most important thing is the fashion. It includes the clothes, bags, accessories ( necklace, head bandanna, hat, bracelet, etc) and shoes that really caught my eyes to see and got inspired.

The TV show in my eyes is like a parade of a fashion show's catwalk. Almost all of the female characters, except the grandmas and children, are fashionable. Most of all is Elif Denizer played by Tuba Buyukustun. I like her character, the way she dressed and overall her appearance, hence she worked as accessories designer who studied in Rome, Italy in the story. Her hair do, the styles, mix and match of each clothes for each occassion,  I really admire and praise the custom designer of this drama. I especially love all of her jackets and boots. I  guess I'm just running out of words of how I should describe everything. Nonetheless, the same goes with Omer Demir played by Engin Akyurek. His clothes matched perfectly with her in every scene, although for him might looked a bit simpler regarding the role as the police detective. I've gathered some of the pictures from the net which obviously are not mine but only shared it as the examples. Enjoy!

A little spoiler on the story: It was a 50 episode crime thriller Turkish drama which revolved around murders,revenge, greed, smuggling, betrayal and love story wrapped in complicated but interesting way at the same time. 

(Photos/pictures are not mine and only taken from Google. Click the pic to enlarge)    

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

American Famous Footballer Version of Mount Rushmore

  I got a pretty interesting experience while creating this one for one competition. I liked the idea, because it was sort of a challenge to conquer and I would like to try my best along with high level of patience in my mind. I follow the instructions, I did any revisions needed no matter how many it was, I've tried every way possible to make it as perfect as it can be. 

  However, in the end, I should learned that sometimes something was just not meant to be, that I might not met the perfect one to deal with. It's a lesson learned for the future that I should know when to stop and when to realize it's not worthy of my time to stuck in it. Anyway, it is mine anyway. Feel free to contact me by e-mail to purchase it if you're interested for price $100 negotiable.

   In order from left to right would be Jerome Bettis, Rod Woodson, Hines Ward and Troy Polamalu carved  in mount Rushmore as the former U.S. presidents.For t-shirt or any other media and available in PSD, PNG with 300dpi resolution.

Monday, August 31, 2015


This is my first collage video for my t-shirt designs with different themes on YouTube. Feel free to drop any comment.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Skeleton Themed Big Motor Biker T-shirt Design

This is my design for biker t shirt. The idea was for a black humor theme t shirt related to biker, and skeleton as the symbol of forever biker that even death is not a threat.It came with a slogan ' Death is my biggest joke'. Do not copy/use in any form because it is mine.
The design is for sale with the price; 100 USD. File in PSD, PNG,JPG, GIF with 300dpi. Feel free to contact me if you're interested in similar type of illustration here: or  I'll respond quite fast to any order or question.

Hand Bag Proposal for One South Korean Convention

This was my idea for hand bag design proposal of one South Korean convention contest. I managed to become one of the finalists and got some positive feedback. In the end, winning would be just luck and taste from the contest holder since beside myself, the other competitors also brought their best and unique ideas. 

I was proud to participate and learn some new things and challenged myself for it. 
The design/illustration are mine except the logo which belong to them. Do not use in any form. If you are interested in the illustration with few adjustments or even a new one, feel free to contact me through e-mail.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Engeline(or Angeline), The Torn Little Angel

It is truly sad to learn how this innocent little child's life is taken from her just like that. She, who was 'abandoned and sold' cheaply by her incapable poor parent, who couldn't afford to pay for her birth fee to the hospital, to relatively strangers whose in the end being suspected as the primary cause of her death.

  At first, the story was revolved around her being a missing child for a month and a half in a well made poster spread all over the net and street in Bali which gained huge sympathy from many people all over the country and even abroad. People were really trying to help by spreading the news and donated some money to the website where her foster sister in the U.S opened the fund link to help her plane fee to return to Indonesia to aid her mom with the search. Her foster mom however, strangely shut and forbid people from entering her residence (even two ministers of the country are rejected) and did not bother to report it to the police like a panicked parent should've acted. She also put a restricted 'line' not to be crossed by an outsider in private matter excuses. Then, the truth about her life slowly began to be revealed and come up in the surface.   

  Lived a tormented life, tortured and forced to do things that beyond a little girl could've done, she did it until the end as a good and obedient child to her foster mother. Her real parent was regretting their decision after the tragic moment happened to their daughter. They said if only they knew they will not give her and tried their best to raise and take care of her. What an old day's sad and sickening excuse. They should've tried first in doing that instead of giving her away just for some mere amount of money. They should've cherished her, and then perhaps she might still be alive.
  The way she was found, buried and being murdered were inhuman. She was treated as if an unworthy animal by the murderers whoever they are. She was only an eight years old girl who didn't have the chance to continue her dreams, her wishes for the bright future as other children. What she can do with those little hands and short legs to even fight for her life. The world is indeed scary and cruel; some of the civilized and adult people are by far even worst. She might finally find her moment of peace there in heaven now and no longer related to this filthy society, but hopefully her justice won't be abandoned and forgotten. The news about her is still bursting like fireworks in the New Year’s Eve up until now and some people relentlessly made their flashy appearances out of nowhere just to gain some popularity from the case. No matter how perfect and carefully planned the crime is, the stinky smell of it will leak sooner or later. Karma will never knock the wrong door where every deed has its consequence. 

Moral value: To those who have children, hopefully this became a lesson learned and start to cherish, appreciate, be grateful and protect them more carefully from this day on. 
( I draw it during my break from work and learning how to write more which I rarely done lately.)

Ayu Gani, Asia's Next Top Model Winner from Indonesia

When I read the news about her winning the contest from some local websites, I noticed that at the same time the controversy was also added up, because of those who think that she didn't deserve it. Mostly were coming from her rival's diehard supporters who dislike and dissatisfied with the result and put so many harsh words on the net.

There will always be pros and cons in everything, since nothing can truly satisfy all people anyway. However, what's meant to be, it will eventually happen no matter how hard you deny or dislike it. I think the title of the contest itself already explained what they were looking for, someone who can represent the face of Asia with her unique and distinctive qualities. Let alone those underachieved standard measurements of a perfect model should be.
I also read about her days of struggle in the camp along with other competitive contestants. I can imagine that it was not something easy at all, since I also had many experiences competing in several design contests, and it was damn hard. Therefore, it sure is tough to stay cool headed when people think that you're not worth it when you actually are. The judges are compatible and experienced people in their fields and understood what they have to do. The decision has been made, she won it with hard work and as for the other finalists; they are also winners. The true battle is in the real life, how she and the others are going to manage and maintain their careers and achievements. I'm proud of her of being able to bring pride to her country and her supporters.

We can voice out our supports, comments and critics on the net but don't forget that we are human with heart and mind inside, civilized people who can write and arrange better words and keep good manner as it should be.  

Photo belongs to @Bazaar Singapore.
If I can find more reference or link to her photos in great clothes, I might add it later.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Flyer for Cyber Cafe

This is my flyer design proposal for one cyber cafe. The logo or games pictures are not mine. 
Any use of this image are not allowed due to my portfolio purpose only. Feel free to contact me if you're interested in similar type of illustration here: or 
I'll respond quite fast to any order or question.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Alan Turing T-shirt - Father of Computer Science

This t-shirt design I made was once for Alan Turing tribute t-shirt contest. Then, I was reminded of it again after watching Imitation Game film which happened to be about his life and his achievement in breaking enigma code in WWII also the beginning of computer science finding.I just love the film despite the tragic ending and having learned that great people were not always appreciated the way they've should been, no matter how genius and talented they were.

As for the design, I took an idea out of mixing the things that related to him in pop art - like style. It is for sale as a design file and will be available in PSD/Ai/EPS. Feel free to contact me for further information through e-mail here: or I'll be in touch ASAP. Any use of this design in any formats is strictly not allowed.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Illustration for little girl's bedroom wall

This is my 3colors illustration proposal for a little girl with cancer. She wanted it as bedroom wall's painting.The original idea was the girl has butterfly wings on her back, however it was adjusted again into this one.
 Any use of this image are not allowed.

Feel free to contact me if you're interested in similar type of illustration. here: or
I'll respond quite fast to any order or question.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Series of my exclusive T-shirt designs in 2014.

Series of my exclusive winning T-shirt designs throughout 2014 for some of the clients in several contests.These are not for sale but only for portfolio purpose, except the fireman design. Any use of these image are not allowed.
Feel free to contact me if you're interested in similar type of illustration here: or
I'll respond quite fast to any order or question.

It doesn't have to wait for new year moment to set a goal,a plan or even a wish, just go out and do the action for it will bring you real result more than a mere dream.

Zombies illustrations

My zombies illustrations.These are for sale and the files are applicable for many form of merchandise or clothing.Any use of these image are not allowed.

Feel free to contact me if you're interested in similar type of illustration here: or 
I'll respond quite fast to any order or question.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

2 Illustrations for Poster (Urban neighborhood and Kuwait Gate)

These are my illustrations for poster proposals. The first one was about one certain neighborhood as described and the other one is the famous gates in Kuwait.
Any use of these image are not allowed. Feel free to contact me if you're interested in similar type of illustration here: or I'll respond quite fast to any order or question.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Baby BIB clothes

This is my design for BIB baby clothes. It was a new tough challenge and experience to do this one, but nonetheless, I had a great time :) . Noodlemie (c) 2014. Feel free to contact me for design or illustration work through my e-mails: or I will respond quite fast to those who seriously interested in using my design service.Any use/copy of this design is strictly not allowed.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Xmas Postcards with unique theme 2014: Frozen

This is the Xmas postcard for one customer in 2014 with certain theme that he picked by himself  for his family's personal use and the illustration was done by me. Frozen (2014) mixed with San Francisco theme as the continuation of the previous themes here. By the way, I love the movie itself and please keep in mind that this is solely related to art work, nothing else other than what is mentioned above, including no commercial use. :)

Unauthorized use of this image are strictly forbidden. Frozen(c)Disney. If you're interested, feel free to contact me through e-mail: or