Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Cat and St.Baste themes for t-shirt designs

These are two designs for different themes. The upper one is for St.Baste festival which usually held in Philippines, where they are celebrating in once a year. The bottom one is cat lover t-shirt which described only cat illustration.

The artworks belong to me and they are for sale @$75. Feel free to contact me through e-mail at: and
Any unauthorized use or copy from these is strictly forbidden.

Some Unusual Illustrations

These are my illustrations for several purposes.

The first one was an illustration to describe the service of one e-commerce website. The idea was to attract the visitors' attention. Therefore, each segment of the service were needed to be visualized. 

The 2nd, a dog smoking cigar in a human body was intended for cafe framed pictures based on the request of the cafe owner. However the pictures with many people like this and in clothes are preferred better in the end.The name of the brand does not belong to me but only the artwork.

 The last one was for honoring a late friend by turning his words into a phrase for baby's t -shirt in a funny way.

All arts belong to me. Any unauthorized use of these is strictly not allowed. Feel free to contact me for any questions and service at: or