Wednesday, April 25, 2012

How A Design in General Goes Straight To Hell

Yesterday, I was reading the article in one interesting site named The, which is I have to say that I agree with it 100 even 1000%. There, you can click and find out yourself for what I'm talking about. I know very well that globally, the situation of this world is much more worse than few years ago, especially in terms of economical and political situation. Not to mention everywhere is financially troubled including the rich countries such as European Union and U.S. Perhaps, the only country who is not suffer from all this crisis is only China.

I rewind my memories back to 10-13years ago when everything were pretty much under controlled and stabilize. My kind of job is something very promising, let's say it was a dream job, until some people tried to grab the same joy by plunging themselves into the same field. Although it won't be the same since it relies on the ability and most of all talent. 

As Kyoma (designer) said in his comment :
'It's really sad for contestants who put great amount of time, with everything they got, if a Contest Holder enters a designer which he/she knows. I've read a lot of known designer blogs reacting, getting their clients by sites like this, but still even if they think low of us, I believe we can do much like they can, or even better. I believe it's just a matter of respect, not only from ourselves but the community, and the clients.'
This is so true and the more I see I have to say the more sick I feel. Some fellow designers copied others' ideas,spams the entire page with the same or look alike designs or the clients just make fun of us I don't know but it's real life act. Have they lost they sense of integrity for the sake of money? or they're just too greedy and don't want to lose their money until they use some ways to 'cheat' the naive designers just to share their ideas (unknowingly) freely. I don't know what to think anymore. Maybe I just need to live the real life, get paid for what I did in cash.

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