Saturday, December 5, 2009

My Fave Clothing Style: Ripped Off Jeans

I like this style of jeans started when I was working in one of the famous clothing company in my town, who introduced the ripped off jeans a few years ago.The company was the pioneer in my country to take such a great courage to sell this kind of jeans.

I enjoyed working there and learned many process for the jeans cloth including how to nicely rip off the jeans. Although for the majority of the people in my society to use this kind of jeans was still a strange thing and rare sight to see, but I don't care cause personally that's the way I am,and if I'm confidence wearing it. So how about you?

Here are the examples of the ripped off jeans, but the one that Jennifer Aniston, Michael Jordan wear is not a really great example to see.

*celeb photos from omg and for the other photos copyright belong to the owner,not me :P

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