Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Envious Mind

It has been quite a long time,a few weeks exactly, that I had this thoughts.The thoughts to reform and change everything I did so far in my life especially my work.It's not that I declined or refused to admit the big deal of participation from my superior in the office,but somehow I am thinking to move forward a little bit more.

For the past 12 years, I've been working in this field, I've gained a lot of unwritten knowledge and experiences for someday building my long time dream,and that's when I have the guts to do it. In the beginning I was thinking that I would still preparing for sometimes,but unfortunately I can't. Something big has changed my mind recently,and I've decided to take that step faster that what I've planned before.

I'm so envious (again in a good way) towards my ex-work colleagues who succeeded in achieving their goal and stand in their own feet without sweating another ideas under the pressure of those who hired them.they have become the leader and living what they've dreamed of. I wish I would be just as good as them or even better and gain more appreciation in expressing my own ideas.I would really love to test how far I would go.Please Dear God wish me luck and shower me with Your greatest blessings.Amen

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