Tuesday, August 18, 2009


To be honest, I don't know what to write in here since things are so unpredictable until I have no idea what will happen after this. All I know is that I feel so bored so blank and tired of all this.I really envy in a good way to some of my friends who successfully made their own business and decide thing by their very own hand and not under order from others.

Sometimes when we're working for other there are things that we will find during the time we spend such as disagreement, disapproval, less appreciation, less power to decide,as if we're just some robots who have nothing no will towards the owner of the remotes.Can't move freely, until we find ourselves easily let being stepped on by the people.I wonder when will I get the chance to prove that myself worth so much more than what people think all this time.I just need to get the right time to move on my next plan.but right now I have nothing to do but wait and wait although its so damn boring and tiring.It's not helping me to whine here but at least relieved me a little.

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