Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Fave Clothing Style: Tough - Jeansmith

Launched in1994, TOUGH Jeansmith was the first private Bauhaus label. As one of Hong-Kongs leading fashion creators and retailers, their activities range from designing, to merchandising and sales networking. Representing the latest fashion trends the dynamic collection incorporates jeans, fashion wear, bags and accessories. Their designs are unique; Industrial and hardwearing but never compromising on street style.-Wikipedia
The content of this article is not mine but I want to let other readers to know about the link for the original content
comment : Unfortunately, I cant find complete info about the company. So actually I put the info of this company since just yesterday I receive the nice gift from my friend with this brand logo.its really cool! love it very much!so just enjoy some of the pic I can find in the net.

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