Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Personality vs Professionalism

Part 6: Personality vs Professionalism

I finally decided not to continue my job as many obstacles and unhealthy atmosphere in the office.I've talked with Mr.G as I also have been assigned to be his assistant, just for giving him a chance, if he'd like a replacement for my position.At first, he seemed shocked,and started asking why, why that I left the job.I explained to him the real situation and he understood. 

He said that he would still hire me although I worked for other company, but finally he decided to hire me himself as his assistant. I accepted his offer cause I would gladly learned more from him and his experience in this field.He told me to keep on helping my boss,during that time, but apparently my boss denied it and think of me a ungrateful sinner.

Actually when I first told my boss that I want to quit, I hoped he would asked why and I'd told him that I 'd only asked for a raise in my salary since the position already changed as the chief of sample department and designers.However, he just didn't make any reaction and left, made me feel like I was no longer needed in this company.

And so, I worked for him, Mr.G for sometimes until he decided to retire and left all his business in the hand of his partner,'cause he wanted to do something else, teaching meditation.He said 10years was enough for him.I felt sad, 'cause I didn't have any more teacher that I could looked upon to.As long as we worked together, he'd been treated me very nicely. In the beginning I was thinking he would saw me by my appearance and doubted my ability in designing.Well,I'm a Muslim girl with veil.But apparently not, he judged based on my professional skills.I may have the appearance of a Muslim that everyone would think i will work by my belief, but no, my life and my job is two different things. Up until now, I made designs for European markets,which is definitely the largest community of non-Muslim. I made many different sexy design, short pants,skirts,t-shirts. For me it doesn't matter at all,'cause I'd never want to set a limit on my imagination. 

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