Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Custom Illustrations For KOTA Band Music Songs.

These were illustrations that I made for Kota Band from Australia for their 2 singles/songs, 'In the caves' and 'She was gold' last year. For portfolio purpose only. Any use/copy/share/repost are not allowed. 

Feel free to contact me for any illustration you need through e-mail: meenoestigma@gmail.com

FOR SALE: Native American Illustration for Canvas Wall Art

This illustration/design's file is for sale with 300dpi resolution in PSD and PNG. Feel free to contact me through e-mail : meenoestigma@gmail.com

Friday, January 12, 2018


This is an illustration of one talented Indonesian composer and singer Melly goeslaw in colorful psychedelic butterfly mode. 

 It is available in high resolution design digital file and available for sale.

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There’s always something you can learn from teachers and their lives. I’ve watched these 3movies a couple of weeks ago and I love them. Each movie offers you different story with worth moral value to take.
Biri Gyaru or flying colors is about a tutor who successfully encouraged and taught one student, a girl from low level school to enter the most prestigious private university in Japan. It was based on the real life story, meaning it truly happened and not only a mere fiction. As you watch the movie along the way you’ll learn many things including family and friendship values for someone to change their entire life up side down. It was 9/10 and highly recommended to watch.

Teacher’s diary however, stores teacher’s perspectives about their profession and how far they would go for it. They were forced to teach in a semi-permanent school boat in a remote area above the lake with limited facilities and only few students. I admire the story and also additional ‘unintended romance’ through a diary between the main characters. It was a really nice movie too, for 8.9/10 score.  It is also highly recommended to add up to your collection to watch in your free time.

The last but not least, Dangal, is another interpretation of real life story from India. A journey of a legendary wrestler family; a father who was a former national wrestling champion, successfully taught his daughters to achieve more by becoming a champion in international level. Aamir khan is really good in playing out his character in this one as in his previous movies such as P.K, 3 idiots and tara zameen par. You can learn from this movie about affection, dedication and other form of fatherly love towards his children. I would give 9/10 for a score of one great movie which worth to watch.

Moral value: teacher, a good and noble profession for those who really put into heart in what they’re doing because it can change someone’s life and future or even an impact to one whole generation.  

A Random Illustration of Pennywise clown from IT movie.

I randomly made this illustrations or drawings digitally and manually last year when the hype of It movie was tremendous. 

I was interested in drawing the Pennywise clown character only but not watching the movie itself. I don't want to be haunted with those scary images in my mind for long time if I ever try to watch it.

It is always fun to see imagination come to life and express myself while drawing something.




Lately, I’ve been watching several movies in a row with this holiday mood to refresh my brain before continuing to work again. So here we go, I will start with 3 Japanese movies with one common theme: bullying.
Bullying is not something new, it happened everywhere and sometimes drove the victims to their unfortunate decisions to end their lives out of suffering too much from it. It is not always done physically by assaulting the body but also with verbal abuse. What made it worst was, this verbal abuse aside from being done directly, is done (in written form) more often online through social medias and phone messages. Those who did bullying actually are a bunch of people with troublesome issues such as insecurities, unhappiness, twisted personalities, jealousy/envy, lack of confidence and cowardice or just bored with their uninteresting life. They blamed others for their misfortune and look for a way to satiate and justify their anger.
These 3 movies mentioned in the title are some of the prime examples. Firstly, Peach girl is a story of a girl named Momo Adachi who was born different than any other bright skinned Japanese girl with her dark skin and yellowish hair color. She was often misunderstood by people for her appearance as a bad girl although the truth was the opposite. Her closest and best friend who seemed to be kind is actually jealous of her and secretly play a dirty hand to take everything from her. In the end, all of her best friend’s tricks were exposed and made her learned the lessons without Momo actually done something to stop it. It was quite plain and simple storyline with a little bit of eye twitching and hard thinking.
However, it was totally different for the other 2 movies; Devil covered in scars and anime - Koe no katachi (a silent voice). Aside from background similarities with high school and the students, these 2 movies carried heavier and deeper stories. Bullying is only the basis of everything that happened to the main characters as their karma and what that matters was how they do something to make up for it. I’ve got carried away emotionally and even shed a tear for its beautifully written scenarios. I’m not going to spill more about it but these are truly recommended with 9/10 score.

Moral value: A good lesson about karma, and to be confidence or brave enough to stand up on your own feet no matter what.

Fashion sense trivia: a good color combination of Japanese high school uniform and the meaning of formality behind it. In Japan, they were taught to treat school seriously as if they were working in a company with actual achievement. That is why their uniform is more formal with blazer and ties.

In devil covered in scars, one of the girl who bully the main characters reminded me of Kim So Hyun from Korea. :)

Monday, December 11, 2017

Design/Illustration for Sale

Designs/ Illustration for sale $50-75. Available in high resolution 300dpi PNG/JPG/PSD.

Feel free to contact me through e-mail for further info or DM me on my Instagram.
Email: meenoestigma@gmail.com
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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Bad Genius (Thai) and A Daytime Shooting Star (Japan)

A couple of days ago, I watched these 2 movies with 2 different main genres. The first one was 'A Daytime Shooting Star' (ADSS) and then 'Bad Genius' (BG) a day after. Although these 2 movies are both using high school students as the main characters, especially a girl as the lead, but the story was totally focused on different issues.  

ADSS was a story about how a na├»ve and bold girl who came to Tokyo to continue her study after her parent moved to different country for work, evolved in the process to adjust with big city way of life. She managed to maintain her character as someone who is not afraid to say what she think, but she also somehow missed her old hometown due to what she experienced in her new society, particularly her classmates’ act towards her. Yes, it’s a mere typical Japanese love triangle story because it was based on the shoujo manga with the same name. One unusual thing was the twist ending. The lesson or rather the moral value is to stay true to who you are no matter what, stay honest and be confident with it only by then you’ll get a circle of good friends, love and positivity. It is recommended and I would give 8/10 in rating.

As for BG, it was one helluva experience, unexpected and surprising to watch and learn of how great it was. I can’t even imagine that Thailand movie maker could come up with something really good in a movie. They are very successful in bringing all aspects of a perfect entertainment into it. Especially regarding the most boring topic on earth (school exam) has changed into something intriguing and a suspense. I guess 1,5years of scenario writing was worth a lot. Basically, the story is about a genius student who got involved into ‘cheating’ business for exam because of her environment. She did it in detail and very cautious but still backfired on her in the end. Long story short, it is highly recommended to watch. I’ll say in a scale of 9 out of 10. The most significant moral value is no matter how good you are to hide something fishy, it will eventually being revealed like a bad karma with more severe punishment. What goes around comes around.

P.S: I noticed how different the uniform and the hair styles for Japan’s small city and big city like Tokyo for Simple versus Fashionable in A Daytime Shooting Star. As a girl who played as Lynn in Bad Genius, her outfit styles and the way she walked, I suspected her as a model. When I read her biography she is indeed a model turn actress for the first time.   
The posters belong to the owners, not mine.

Suicide: Lose Yourself or Survive the Life & 'Me Before You'

*Picture: Random drawing of Chester by me 

Lately I've been flooded by some unfortunate and horrible news for the past several months related to suicide more than any other daily news on websites every time I  try to read something in the morning.

Life is a gift and chances but wasted just like that.

The most shocking one was the death of Chester, Linkin Park's vocalist. He ended his life without showing any symptoms of depression that would lead him to do it. I mostly like Linkin Park songs in their earlier albums. The rock, rap and music came in such harmony and sometimes helped me through some shitty days back then. It's a pity for him to leave this way. He could've done more, create more and survive this life.

Other than him, there were some people who have chosen to end their lives with different reasons. They had given up the life in hope that it will ease and solve all the problems and pains they've left behind. Perhaps, by then, they thought they've lost all the attachments to this world as well as escape from everything that bind them and made them suffer the most in order to find an eternal peace. However, I think they were wrong. Instead, they've left more pains and in return did not even get what they've expected in the end.

Reasons, or some of them were sounded more like excuses to me, to come up to such horrid decisions were somehow too illogical to accept. It was either from broken heart out of love, had trouble with heavy unpaid debt, felt super desperate for unhealed sickness, disappointed towards some people, felt lonely as if no more reason to keep on living or anything else that probably still possible to over come if they were staying alive. I believe as long as we have the will, nothing is too much to handle. If in the end we still have to lose, at least we've tried the best to be responsible to our own selves. Most of all, leaving in such a way, would leave a scar and trauma for those who were left behind, especially the loved ones. It was pretty selfish to decide for something which is not yours to decide to begin with, without thinking the impacts for others. 

Frankly, Romeo and Juliet had never been a good example for life motivation. Love, no matter how beautiful, pure or romantic it might be, still needed some sacrifices and some bills to paid these days. If we were simply blinded by it and losing control of seeing all the bright sides then it wasn't worth it at all. If it ruins you, it is not good for you. As for money, it is indeed a very powerful devil who can destroy anyone who foolishly worship it without any healthy sense. It has the power to control anyone who misuse and greedy over it. Debt will not be such a burden if we choose not to take in the first place. we can do it by accepting what we have and being thankful for it. If it is already caught you, be sure to surrender yourself  and accept it but at the same time try to solve it with every possible way. Everything that happened in our life are partly or mostly because of our own decisions anyway. Destiny can be changed as God has promised it would be. Meanwhile, sickness is something unexpected and we have no choice but to deal with. Trying to survive is the best thing no matter unpredictable the result will be. The last thing is, no one is unimportant. Everyone has specific purpose in this life either way. 
Suicide is never a good choice. Get up, get some help if you need one but keep on living. Try to think further ahead for everything, take a deep breath and love and believe in yourself. Religion is also one good choice to see in other perspective of life and keep yourself a faith to stay strong.     

P.S : A short review about 'Me before You' Film (*contains spoiler)
I've finished watching this film just 2 days ago. I was fascinated with Lou's characters and her unique outfits in the entire movie but I wasn't pleased with the ending. Not because it was a sad ending, but I dislike the fact that Treynor, Lou's love interest, gave up his life ('suicide' by euthanasia) while he still has a chance to live, he had some people who loved him and cared for him so much. He was such a loser in my opinion not to be brave enough to keep on living no matter how hard it seemed for him (which I didn't think so, regarding all the wealth and facilities he had). If it was because of the severe illness or accident, I would have more respect for this film but no, unfortunately I don't.

I've read in some articles that this film has gained some criticism from people with disabilities including some famous figures, concerning the death choice as if it was indirectly encouraging the audiences how useless disabilities are. I can't agree more especially when in the end, he left a letter to motivate Lou to struggle and try to reach her dreams while she can after his death. It was just a complete opposite of encouragement and deed.

It was quite good for those who is suck about romance but not good enough for me with that 'flaw ending' I mentioned before. I didn't intend to disregard the writer (I know this was based on a novel), I simply want to utter my personal opinion about it and since it is related with suicide article I've written above.