Monday, December 11, 2017

Designs/Illustration for Sale

Designs/ Illustration for sale @$50-75. Available in high resolution 300dpi PNG/JPG/PSD.

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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Bad Genius (Thai) and A Daytime Shooting Star (Japan)

A couple of days ago, I watched these 2 movies with 2 different main genres. The first one was 'A Daytime Shooting Star' (ADSS) and then 'Bad Genius' (BG) a day after. Although these 2 movies are both using high school students as the main characters, especially a girl as the lead, but the story was totally focused on different issues.  

ADSS was a story how a na├»ve and bold girl who came to Tokyo to continue her study after her parent moved to different country for work, evolved in the process to adjust with big city way of life. She managed to maintain her character as someone who is not afraid to say what she think, but she also somehow missed her old hometown due to what she experienced in her new society, particularly her classmates’ act towards her. Yes, it’s a mere typical Japanese love triangle story because it was based on the shoujo manga with the same name. One unusual thing was the twist ending. The lesson or rather the moral value is to stay true to who you are no matter what, stay honest and be confident with it only by then you’ll get a circle of good friends, love and positivity. It is recommended and I would give 8/10 in rating.

As for BG, it was one helluva experience, unexpected and surprising to watch and learn of how great it was. I can’t even imagine that Thailand movie maker could come up with something really good in a movie. They are very successful in bringing all aspects of a perfect entertainment into it. Especially regarding the most boring topic on earth (school exam) has changed into something intriguing and a suspense. I guess 1,5years of scenario writing was worth a lot. Basically, the story is about a genius student who got involved into ‘cheating’ business for exam because of her environment. She did it in detail and very cautious but still backfired on her in the end. Long story short, it is highly recommended to watch. I’ll say in a scale of 9 out of 10. The most significant moral value is no matter how good you are to hide something fishy, it will eventually being revealed like a bad karma with more severe punishment. What goes around comes around.

P.S: I noticed how different the uniform and the hair styles for Japan’s small city and big city like Tokyo, Simple versus Fashionable in ADSS. As a girl who played as Lynn, her outfit styles and the way she walked, I suspected her as a model. When I read her biography she is indeed a model turn actress for the first time.   
The posters belong to the owners, not mine.

Suicide: Lose Yourself or Survive the Life & 'Me Before You'

*Picture: Random drawing of Chester by me 

Lately I've been flooded by some unfortunate and horrible news for the past several months related to suicide more than any other daily news on websites every time I  try to read something in the morning.

Life is a gift and chances but wasted just like that.

The most shocking one was the death of Chester, Linkin Park's vocalist. He ended his life without showing any symptoms of depression that would lead him to do it. I mostly like Linkin Park songs in their earlier albums. The rock, rap and music came in such harmony and sometimes helped me through some shitty days back then. It's a pity for him to leave this way. He could've done more, create more and survive this life.

Other than him, there were some people who have chosen to end their lives with different reasons. They had given up the life in hope that it will ease and solve all the problems and pains they've left behind. Perhaps, by then, they thought they've lost all the attachments in this world as well as escape from everything that bind them and made them suffer the most in order to find an eternal peace. However, I think they were wrong. Instead, they've left more pains and in return did not even get what they've expected in the end.

Reasons, or some of them were sounded more like excuses to me, to come up to such horrid decisions were somehow too illogical to accept. It was either from broken heart out of love, had trouble with heavy unpaid debt, felt super desperate for unhealed sickness, disappointed towards some people, felt lonely as if no more reason to keep on living or anything else that probably still be possible to over come if they were staying alive. I believe as long as we have the will, nothing is too much to handle. If in the end we still have to lose, at least we've tried the best to be responsible to our own selves. Most of all, leaving in such a way, would leave a scar and trauma for those who were left behind, especially the loved ones. It was pretty selfish to decide for something which is not yours to decide to begin with, without thinking the impacts for others. 

Frankly, Romeo and Juliet had never been a good example for life motivation. Love, no matter how beautiful, pure or romantic it might be, still needed some sacrifices and some bills to paid these days. If we were simply blinded by it and losing control of seeing all the bright sides then it wasn't worth it at all. If it ruins you, it is not good for you. As for money, it is indeed a very powerful devil who can destroy anyone who foolishly worship it without any healthy sense. It has the power to control anyone who misuse and greedy over it. Debt will not be such a burden if we choose not to take in the first place. we can do it by accepting what we have and being thankful for it. If it is already caught you, be sure to surrender yourself  and accept it but at the same time try to solve it with every possible way. Everything that happened in our life are partly or mostly because of our own decisions anyway. Destiny can be changed as God has promised it would be. Meanwhile, sickness is something unexpected and we have no choice but to deal with. Trying to survive is the best thing no matter unpredictable the result will be. The last thing is, no one is unimportant. Everyone has specific purpose in this life either way. 
Suicide is never a good choice. Get up, get some help if you need one but keep on living. Try to think further ahead for everything, take a deep breath and love and believe in yourself. Religion is also one good choice to see in other perspective of life and keep yourself a faith to stay strong.     

P.S : A short review about 'Me before You' Film (*contains spoiler)
I've finished watching this film just 2 days ago. I was fascinated with Lou's characters and her unique outfits in the entire movie but I wasn't pleased with the ending. Not because it was a sad ending, but I dislike the fact that Treynor, Lou's love interest, gave up his life ('suicide' by euthanasia) while he still has a chance to live, he had some people who loved him and cared for him so much. He was such a loser in my opinion not to be brave enough to keep on living no matter how hard it seemed for him (which I didn't think so, regarding all the wealth and facilities he had). If it was because of the severe illness or accident, I would have more respect for this film but no, unfortunately I don't.

I've read in some articles that this film has gained some criticism from people with disabilities including some famous figures, concerning the death choice as if it was indirectly encouraging the audiences how useless disabilities are. I can't agree more especially when in the end, he left a letter to motivate Lou to struggle and try to reach her dreams while she can after his death. It was just a complete opposite of encouragement and deed.

It was quite good for those who is suck about romance but not good enough for me with that 'flaw ending' I mentioned before. I didn't intend to disregard the writer (I know this was based on a novel), I simply want to utter my personal opinion about it and since it is related with suicide article I've written above. 

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Time travel and premonition in 2 Korean dramas (Deserving the Name and While You Were Sleeping)

Fantasy and mystery are lately becoming the choices of many Korean drama makers for the themes in their stories. These 2 drama are the main prime examples of it.

Deserving the Name (DtN) was about a famous acupuncture master/ doctor from Joseon era named Heo Im who accidentally traveled into the future because of a strange bag of acupuncture needles he found within
his belongings. He then met a modern cardiac female doctor with tragic
past. As the story goes, they began to have certain relationship which turn
them into a better person personally and professionally even fell in love
with each other. On a scale from 1-10, I gave 8.8 for all aspects especially the chemistry. It is recommended to watch but it will be more suitable for adult viewers rather than teenagers based on the heavy topic.
The clothes they wore mostly casual styles, matching and quite colorful.

Meanwhile, While you were sleeping (WYWS) is a story with the fantasy and thriller mystery themes from a premonition dreams of a girl reporter played by Suzy.

She unconsciously transferred her ability when her life was saved before the bad fate may occur. Her savior was someone she met when she was teenager and shared the same tragic moments together after losing their fathers. The boy turned into a prosecutor )played by Lee Jong Suk) and there is also a young policeman who also in the end
became part of their team to change the nightmares. On a scale from 1-10, I
gave 8.8 for all aspects. It is highly recommended.
As any other Korean drama, the wardrobe worn by the girl was also matched with semi formal 80s hand flair style's shirt and midi skirt, straight long pants and subtle colors such as cream and blue to the guy's mostly formal suits and ties.

Moral value: dream bigger, be kind and believe that things will change for the better as long as we really try.

Korean Drama: School 2013

I just finished watching this drama for 2days in a row yesterday. As any
other type of school drama I've watched before, it nearly has all the same typical elements. Started from problematic students, school regulations, teacher vs parents to competition and friendship and still many more. On a scale of 1-10 I give 8.5 for it's unpredictable plot. 

However, there were also some flaws that I can't overlook during the show. Let's say the inspiring educational side was less compared to personal problems, some unfinished conflicts, unpunished mistakes and an open ending. Unlike Japanese school dramas which mostly stressed on the changes in behavior and habit of the students and teachers towards the end, this Korean drama did not put a lot of effort other than mostly friendship and understanding.  It is quite entertaining and recommended.
As any other drama I previously reviewed, the most important part which caught my attention was the wardrobes worn by the 2 main teachers Ms. Jung (Jang Nara )and Mr.Kang (Daniel Choi).
They dressed as if they were a 'couple' in term of warm and subtle color choices style for cold weather with all the coats and wool sweaters. I also noticed the boots. If only I can wear something like it here but that's probably impossible due to less formal look for a teacher. It was simple but nice to match each other's clothes.
Here are some examples that I screenshot from the drama.
Moral value: don't judge a book by its cover.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Buddha Illustration for Canvas Wall Art

This colorful Buddha illustration is for sale in design file. It is perfect as printed canvas wall art for home decoration. Feel free to contact me through e-mail: or DM at instagram: @noodlemie .

Conor McGregor Illustration for Bandana Face Scarf

This is Conor McGregor's illustration, the famous UFC mix martial art champion for face scarf bandana which usually worn by motor bikers. 
It is available in design file for sale. Feel free to contact me by e-mail : or DM on Instagram @noodlemie .

Game of Thrones: Daenerys Targaryen's outfits

I recently got interested in Game of Thrones (GoT) just because of the hype that happened on the internet and mostly in almost all social media platforms. They endlessly discuss about the series especially the new season this year. The possibilities, predictions and also controversial part about the incest between the main characters.

I started to look for more info from many sites to understand better what it is all about. After doing some reading, I decided to skip the previous seasons and only watch the latest season. At least I caught a glimpse of what is happening in the story and only focus on the main characters who stay alive.

Actually I got curious even more about the meeting between Daenerys and Jon who happened to lead different lives for all 6 seasons and only met in this season. Since I can't help myself to find one pairing within each story that I've followed, this one is also included. I like these two as a couple despite they are related by blood as aunt and nephew. Frankly I didn't see any other possibilities for other pairing and perhaps they may lead to tragic ending when they found out the truth or on the contrary, things will be overlooked as it happened before with their previous family generation.

They will play the important roles for the future of the 7kingdoms, either bear an heir or rules together or even only one of them survive. Unfortunately, we still need to wait until 2019 for the final season. FYI, I even drew them as a fan art drawing once as shown in the picture above.

Anyway, the other thing that caught my eyes is her wardrobes throughout this season with long coats are the best. I love the details such as the dragon chain, the frills, the white fury winter coat material and the hard textures on dark coat to match her dragons' skin. It looks way better than her previous costumes in previous seasons. I kind of tempted to make for my own clothes' collection inspired from it too perhaps later on.

The photos are not mine except the drawing. It belongs to the respected owners. I just showed it here as reference.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Signal: Kim Hye Soo's Jackets (Korean Drama 2016)

   I've finished watching this thriller mystery detective drama 2days ago for
about 3days span of time to spend for 16episodes only on my break time from work.

   The story revolved around some difficult and complicated cold cases' crime solving methods combined with communication through time and space of a mysterious walkies-talkie between 2 police detectives. It was then revealed this strange things occurred due to strong wish of a good-heart and honest dying man of 15years ago whom then claimed as a missing person with unknown fate when he tried to find the culprit behind all related crimes. 
   It was one helluva tiring but amazing story to follow. I admire the screenwriter who wrote the story and great acting done by all the actors. I would give 9 out of 10 scale for a recommended drama to watch.

   Aside from the drama itself, the thing that caught my attention the most was the jackets and overall all the clothes worn by Kim hye soo. I love them all. She looked fabulous in those winter jackets along with some skinny pants and boots. I can't find the perfect photos to show it here and to capture it from drama scenes also would be quite a hassle. It was great references for sporty and casual but still can be formal clothing/suit for office worker/ detectives or even college students. A good composition and mixture of some color tones which are quite soft and elegant for woman of her age.

One good moral value from this drama is that we must not give up no matter how impossible it may look, because the future can be different even better than we thought.